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Come and visit us !

You wish to discover our local culture and food? Have a biking or hiking tour around our village? Or even rent some camping gear on your way to the Akagera park? Come and visit us at Hirwa and start a new adventure now! All the profits from these activities and from the gift shop will be used for the school and our different community projects.

Immersed yourself in the local culture

At Hirwa we provide a unique opportunity to discover the community, the everyday life of Rwandan people and to be immersed in our local culture. Contact us to visit our local school, take part in traditional dancing or cooking classes, and discover how banana beer is made!


Take part in a biking or hiking guided tour

Discover a special way to travel!

Come and discover our beautiful region with a hiking or biking tour. Whether you prefer a short ride or a several days adventure, the Foundation will be happy to provide all the material needed from mountain bikes to camping gears. We will guide you to the prettiest places around!


Visit our school and artisanal gift shop

We will be more than happy to welcome you at our Foundation any day! Come and visit our school, learn more about our current projects and meet the kids and teachers

We also have a gift shop with lovely handmade crafts with all the profit going to the school. When you buy something, all the profits go directly to support the school. Your visit and support mean a lot to us and the children we help. We can't wait to have you here!

Rent bikes or camping gear

Missing some camping gear for your trip to the Akagera Park? Or just wanting to visit around on your own? Our Foundation can rent you bikes and all the camping gears that you need !


Visit our Akagera Community Tourism Facebook page for more

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Contact Us for more information about activities and prices!
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