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Nutrition Program

Dealing with the issue of malnutrition for children from impoverished families

In most rural zones in Rwanda, a countless number of children from the poorest families suffer from malnourishment. Malnutrition can have far-reaching consequences on a child's physical and cognitive development, which in turn significantly impacts their ability to access and excel in education. The poor dietary diversity and insufficient food quantity contribute to the malnutrition problem in our community.

Helping young children to have a proper diet is one of the main goal of our Foundation. Every school day, we provide a proper lunch to the kids attending our preschool and we are sometimes able to provide a breakfast thanks to the generosity of donors.


The Hen Project

One chicken per kid

Donating one chicken means donating one egg per day for one child, hence providing the daily amount of protein a child need and cannot get at home. The Hen project started in 2022 with the help of generous donors from Sweden. The school has now 30 chicken producing eggs with the objective to get more to provide for every child.

One young hen cost $3 and will start producing eggs in 5 months
One mature hen cost $5 and will start producing eggs immediately

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