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John's life History and the Founation

Early Life:  Born in 1992 in the Eastern province of Rwanda, specifically in Kayonza District, I, Habihirwe Jean Claude, also known as John, spent my formative years in a humble and impoverished family.
Growing up, I witnessed firsthand the challenges of poverty, but I refused to let these circumstances define my future.
Educational Challenges: Despite my eagerness to learn, my educational journey was fraught with challenges. Financial constraints forced me to drop out of school, leaving my dreams of a brighter future hanging in the balance.
Journey to Akagera National Park: In 2005, I embarked on a journey to Akagera National Park in search of opportunities for a better life. There, I found employment as a house boy for park rangers, which provided me with a lifeline to continue my education as the Park Rangers and guides was supporting me with some school materials.
Balancing Work and Education: Determined to pursue my studies, I made the daily trek of 7km one way to school and back, navigating the perilous terrain of the park with unwavering determination.
Despite the challenges and risks, I remained steadfast in my commitment to education, fueled by the belief that knowledge is the key to unlocking a better future.
Career Development at Akagera:

My tenure at Akagera National Park not only afforded me the opportunity to pursue my education but also allowed me to develop valuable skills in hospitality and tourism.
Over the years, I transitioned from being a house boy to serving as a park guide for two years and five years as waiter at RUZIZI Tented Lodge in Akagera national park, gaining firsthand experience and expertise in the field.
Founding the Hirwa Children Foundation:  Inspired by my own journey and the desire to give back to my community, I founded the Hirwa Children Foundation with a mission to empower children from vulnerable families through education.
Recognizing the transformative power of education, our foundation is committed to providing quality schooling and literacy programs to children and their parents.
Impact and Legacy:  Since its inception, the Hirwa Children Foundation has made a significant impact on the lives of countless children and families, breaking barriers to education and creating pathways to success.
As I reflect on my journey, I am filled with gratitude for the support and opportunities that have shaped my life, and I am dedicated to paying it forward by uplifting others and building a brighter future for generations to come, I am motivated by seeing myself make a difference in the lives of those around me with God's Grace.

HIRWA Foundation’s school opened its door in November 2018 with 1 classroom 15 students and 1 teacher ,after a lot of hard work and many generous Support we are now on our way to seeing about 346 children from the community through their preschool and primary education years. ,We also employed 4 teachers and support staff.

Our Progresses

Thanks to hard work and generous from Mantis collection  and friends, we are now supporting up to 346  kids  through their preschool and primary education. Our team currently includes 4 teachers, support staff and volunteers. 

Our dedication to improve lives goes beyond children's education. We started to assist the whole community in tackling issues like malnutrition, health concerns, financial challenges, and more.


Our Community

Welcome to Kariyeri!

Here, the villagers every day lives revolve around farming and community. Families work hard, from sunset to sunrise, taking care of crops and animals. While the people always wear smiles, life remains challenging due to the absence of electricity and running water.


During the dry season in school holidays, it's the kid's job to carry the water home from the nearest fountain, sometimes situated a couple of kilometers from their houses. Many of them experience food insecurities and do not have access to health care. 


The strong sense of community provides a support system that helps them navigate through life's difficulties. They share laughter, friendship, and dreams for a better tomorrow!

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