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Un po' di noi

Qui alla Hirwa Children's Foundation, vediamo il valore in ognuno. Vogliamo essere un catalizzatore per un cambiamento positivo e, sin dai nostri inizi nel 2000, siamo stati guidati dalle stesse idee su cui inizialmente abbiamo fondato la nostra organizzazione no-profit: supporto, responsabilizzazione e progresso. Scopri di più sulla nostra missione, sulla nostra visione e su come apportiamo i cambiamenti che vogliamo vedere.

Our Progresses

Thanks to hard work and generous from Mantis collection  and friends, we are now supporting up to 346  kids  through their preschool and primary education. Our team currently includes 4 teachers, support staff and volunteers. 

Our dedication to improve lives goes beyond children's education. We started to assist the whole community in tackling issues like malnutrition, health concerns, financial challenges, and more.


Our Community

Welcome to Kariyeri!

Here, the villagers every day lives revolve around farming and community. Families work hard, from sunset to sunrise, taking care of crops and animals. While the people always wear smiles, life remains challenging due to the absence of electricity and running water.


During the dry season in school holidays, it's the kid's job to carry the water home from the nearest fountain, sometimes situated a couple of kilometers from their houses. Many of them experience food insecurities and do not have access to health care. 


The strong sense of community provides a support system that helps them navigate through life's difficulties. They share laughter, friendship, and dreams for a better tomorrow!

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