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Adult Literacy Program

Help Adults to read and write in Kinyarwanda and English

Kinyarwanda classes

At Hirwa's Foundation, we aim to deal with the profound challenges faced by adults of our community  who lack the ability to read and write in the Kinyarwanda language. Not being able to read and write is a significant obstacle in their everyday life, from accessing basic information to communicating effectively. Our program is designed to address this critical issue offering a second chance for these individuals to learn these essential skills. By equipping them with literacy and empowering them to overcome this barrier, we aim to improve their overall quality of life and provide them with the tools they need to participate fully in society.

Education is a fundamental right no matter the age!

English Language Instruction.jpg

English classes

As Rwanda experiences a surge in tourism learning English is becoming a significant challenge for the locals. The ability to communicate effectively in English has become a bridge between tourists and Rwandans, fostering cultural exchange, boosting the local economy, and enriching lives.

Our village, situated at only 7km from the Akagera National Park, is particularly exposed to this tourist boom. The community must take the opportunity to participate and benefit from the growth implied by the touristic activities in our region.

This is why the Hirwa Foundation aim to provide free English language classes for children but also adults. We believe that breaking the language barrier will enrich our community life and encourage the tourists to come and discover our culture, our everyday life and our beautiful region

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